About Me


This blog was created for a few reasons,

1. People are always asking ‘What do you actually do as an Events Assistant’ and of course the moment someone puts you on the spot your mind goes blank and all you can remember of the day is spending 20 mins spinning around on your chair. This blog will act as a real life day to day account of what I actually do. (chair spinning included)

2. I have a pretty bad memory. Remembering word for word what a client said about table linens not a problem. Where my keys are? Pfft no chance. Therefore this will also act as a memory jog for myself.

3. A source of entertainment and hopefully some advice. I know there are thousands of Events Assistants around the world and I also know in Events there are ‘I just don’t believe it’ moments. I’m here to share my story and my crazy moments.

My name is Dani. I am currently living and working in Leeds while completing my final year of University studying Events Management. I am very hard working, dedicated and well organised person.


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